Extra Antivir Only Delivers the “Extras,” and Nothing Else

Extra Antivir is yet another corrupt security tool.  Also known as a rogue program, it pretends to be an antivirus program.  In all actuality, it has nothing to do with viruses.  It’s a bundle of spyware with a mock up of an antivirus program and a sales page.

Extra Antivir would like you to believe that you have random guardians on the Internet, super heroes that come to your rescue when you run into trouble.  The sad fact of the matter is that they don’t exist.

There is no technology that monitors Internet activity and flags infections in progress running around on the Internet.  If it’s not installed, it’s not helping you.  If you see a warning screen from some anti-whatever program that you don’t have installed, it’s out to rip you off, plain and simple.

Rogue security tools like Extra Antivir hide out on the Internet on infected pages and in corrupted downloads.  These pages are often adult-oriented, but realistically, they’re not limited to that kind of content.

They’ve been known to infect online pharmacies and casinos, and every corrupt security program has one or more home page that you can buy it and get infected from.  Extra Antivir is no exception.

The infected downloads are mostly from places that offer pirated material.  Besides being flat out illegal, Internet piracy has always had the risk of malware infection.  It’s all around a dangerous business and should be avoided.

In response to the rise of these threats, many security tools have begun to ban websites that have been known or are suspected of being infected.  Unfortunately, it’s a matter of finding these sites before the users do.  Also unfortunate is the fact that it takes a trained eye to know when one is on these sites.

Even worse, there is no warning of impending infection.  Once you see the pop up warning screen, you already have Extra Antivir.  The most you can hope for now is to not get conned into giving them your credit card info.

Extra Antivir has an infection process identical to pretty much all other rogue programs.  It starts with a pop up warning screen that counts your temporary files and calls them viruses.  If you had an infection that bad, it wouldn’t be able to scan your computer, simply put.

Then, Extra Antivir will redirect you to its home page and tell you that it can clean up your supposed infection for an inflated price.  As I said before, whatever antivirus abilities it does have are very limited.  Besides, this is a sure way to steal someone’s identity on the Internet.

With Extra Antivir and all other spyware infections, I recommend buying ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  It’s designed to be the best software, and to stay that way.  Our 100% removal guarantee is supported by our ability to know immediately when new spyware is released.  Within minutes of a new spyware release, we have already sent you a fix.  That’s the real way software looks out for you.

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