Forget About Downloading Total Secure 2009

Total Secure 2009 is totally a scam. This computer program is just another rogue anti-spyware program that pretends to be a malicious software (malware) scanner and remover but actually is malware waiting for you to allow it access to your hard drive through utilizing the free scan.

That is right, once you come in contact with this program, it will convince you to purchase its full version for a fee once its free scan determines that you have several infections in your computer system. However, its free scan is not an actual scan. These programs are not even capable of doing such a thing. The scan is a fake graphic that will give you results that scare you every time, regardless of the actual condition of your hard drive. Even worse, the graphics are created to look like official Windows programming, so that you will be more trusting of its presence and allow it to scan away.

The ploy for you to buy their full version may feel like the actual scam that is going on with this scanning of your computer. However, this program has actually downloaded itself onto your computer while it was busy pretending to scan your hard drive. So, even if you avoid paying for the full version, realizing that this program is just trying to extort money from you, you are still being taken advantage of.

Now, you may not know that you have a problem and this is highly dangerous because many of these programs have the capability to keep records of your key strokes, so any information you are typing into your computer, to print out or submit over the internet is sent back to the programmers for their own use. They are not likely to go over your personal emails and family photos, but are going after your credit card numbers and other things that can be profitable to them. This is enough of a reason to want to get rid of this newly acquired malware, but your computer is also going to slow down and you will be attacked by pop up ads appearing all of the time and websites that you don’t even know may now be reassigned as your home page. This is your first indicator that there is trouble, and malware will not hide unnoticed, you will notice the changes quickly.

So, now that you have a problem, you need a solution. Most would think to find Total Secure 2009 and uninstall it on their computer. This malware makes sure to spread out in your hard drive and its Trojan horses are labeled as helpful files and move around on you. So, you are better off calling in the professionals.

Spyzooka has experience and proven results in getting rid of pesky malware. They even offer a 100% guarantee that you are going to be happy with the results. It is just too risky and difficult to do this yourself, so go to the trusted professionals for these tough situations.

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