Internet Antivirus Pro: New On the Scene, But Playing an Old Game

Just within the past year, Internet Antivirus Pro launched on the Internet.  While it is a new program, and may be ahead of some antispyware programs, it’s playing an old game.  It’s a rogue security tool that feeds off of the uninformed Internet surfer.

Internet Antivirus Pro really has little to offer in the way of new spins on the rogue security tool scam.  The pop-up warnings are more insistent and have several different messages, but that’s really about it.  Beyond that, it’s a typical rogue security program.

Basically, what Internet Antivirus Pro and its ilk do is infect a computer and scare the user into shelling out their money for a junk program.  Often, this is far more expensive than most actual security tools, especially if they decide to really put their hands in your pockets.  You could wind up with a wiped out credit card and a bad credit record.

Internet Antivirus Pro will typically use a Trojan Downloader program such as Vundo or Zlob to get past your computer’s security software.  This is usually caught at an infected website, mostly disguised as a video codec.  The problem about these websites is that unless you really know what to look for, you can’t tell them apart from clean websites.  Even then, you can’t be too sure.

Once Internet Antivirus Pro has downloaded and embedded itself on your computer, you get pop-up warnings.  These will range from outright telling you that you’re infected with viruses (chances are, you’re really not), or advising you not to browse unprotected.  The infection has only just begun.

After that, Internet Antivirus Pro will redirect your browser to a website where you can get swindled out of your money for their “full version.”  It will show you a scan which says that essentially your computer has more viruses than Typhoid Mary.  Trust me; a computer would immediately crash with that many viruses running.

Of course, you don’t want to buy the full version of Internet Antivirus Pro.  As I said, it’s a junk program, a scanner to be precise.  No two ways about it, it’s a rip-off.

You may be tempted to save money by manually removing Internet Antivirus Pro.  I have to discourage this, as the techniques are different for different versions of this program.  You could expect your work to be incomplete at best, and at worst, you could damage your computer.

Also, though the name “Internet Antivirus Pro” might imply that it’s really a virus, it isn’t.  An antivirus tool will not find it, nor can it remove it.  What you really need is an antispyware program, but not just any antispyware program.

Internet Antivirus Pro is a new program, and already has some revisions.  What you need is an antispyware program that stays on top of these updates.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner is just that program.  No one else can compare to our updating speed.  That’s why we’re the only ones who have the 100% removal guarantee.

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