Keep Your Kids Safe from BHO.amz

It’s no doubt that today’s kids are the most technologically motivated generation so far. Unlimited text messaging, social networking through MySpace and instant access to their favorite songs makes teens embrace technology as if they can’t live without it. Unfortunately, their addiction to technology can open the door for malevolent spyware infections that can all sorts of problems.

There’s no reason to ban the kids from using the computer, but you can steer them clear of unknown spyware predators that targets teens. Here are a few pointers you can give your kids to keep spyware off the computer:

  1. ActiveX control is an open portal to spyware infection. Available on lyrics sites, this control serves no purpose other than to get the user to download software designed to deliver ads to your computer. Your teens can view the lyrics without ActiveX. If they download it, you’ll get bombarded with ads.
  2. Your children should also avoid clicking on links that come through instant messaging. Often, these links are spyware in disguise. Any type of file sharing can also unleash spyware on your computer.
  3. Steer clear of any download that is advertised as free. Free downloads always come with a price: pesky pop-ups, slowed computer performance, and the threat of a crash. Emphasize to your children that online advertisers use downloads to tap into their personal information. It’s equivalent to taking candy from a stranger: Just say no.
  4. Another temptation for children is free screensavers. Any time spyware makes its way into your system, it’s been led there by someone. Screensavers are another culprit. Have you even seen a desktop screensaver icon appear on your computer, and you don’t know how it got there? Chances are that your child clicked on the screensaver link or the icon piggybacked its way to your desktop through another spyware application.

While we’d like to believe that kids will abide by our words of wisdom, the truth is that that the World Wide Web is full of temptations designed to lure kids into the web of spyware. Using a reliable spyware removal program like ZookaWare PC Cleaner is like protecting your kids from the boogyman. It will be there to protect your kids from unseen predators when you can’t be there.

This is one download that you’ll want to have.

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