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Adware’s development has been on the rise and growth almost in tandem with peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, since, until just about a few years ago, many adware software companies had to shell out some funds to have their software paired up with some of these programs. Adware companies who send out adware such as MartSho.dll.3 would send pop-up ads to users whether they were using the P2P network or not, and would trace and put on a leash their online behavior, targeting them with ads relevant to the sites they visited.

People, internet users in general who are aware of this wrong doing have been in opposition to these types of adware technology. A survey released on July 6 by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that nine out of ten Internet users said they’ve altered their online habits to avoid spyware. Furthermore, a lot of leading downloading technology has put a stop to any adware that may have been put on the downloadable items that they have on their sites.

It’s not simply consumer anxiety and political pressure; however that have forced adware companies to make an about-face. Much of this decision is being driven by the bottom line. Adware companies have seen a negative business impact as a result of image issues. Some downloads sites, for instance, had to withdraw its planned IPO last year when the market gave the company a chilly reception, in large part due to adware backlash.

What’s more, many consumer privacy advocates are unconvinced by the industry’s efforts and remain determined to fight adware. For these reasons, adware should be completely banned from being uploaded on the internet. People do not really understand the capabilities of such programs and once they are aware of this, I am sure, they would want to put a stop to adware such as MartSho.dll.3 too.

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