Look out for Aplore

The W32.Aplore@mm is a worm that can be spread out through the use of Outlook email, IRC and AOL instant messenger. This worm would send out an email that has an attachment. The attachment is entitled Psecure20x-cgi-install.version.6.01.bin.hx.com. The worm would send this attachment to all the contacts in the Microsoft Outlook account. For those who frequently use IRC or AIM, this worm has an IRC search engine inside. Using this, it can connect itself to public IRC servers. It joins random channels and sends private messages to users who would join the channel. It would send a web link to different IRC channels or AIM contacts which would point the user to the infected machine. The file would be displayed as a web page and the visitor would be asked to run a copy of the worm. The user will be asked to download a plug in to view the content. After which a tag would pop up asking user to download the file. When the user downloads it, the system will get infected. When the worm is executed, it automatically copies itself to the System Directory with the file name “explorer.exe”. This would be linked into the computer registry as “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Explorer”. By doing so, the worm will be started every time Windows would start up. However the damage this worm can do is rather minimal. There is not much threat to any files in your laptop or computer, especially if detected right away. It is also easy to remove.

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