Malware Patrol Pro Swindles Innocent Users

Like a dirty cop who is greasing the palms of thugs and criminals, Malware Patrol Pro does very little in the way of protecting the average user.  In fact, they will sell your credit card information, passwords, and Social Security numbers to anyone looking for them.  Malware Patrol Pro is part of a corrupt system of professional con artists from the family of  AdvanceXPDefender, Advanced XP Fixer, and MalwareProtector2008.  They haven’t done much to improve the system of rogue anti-spyware, because there is really no need.  This scam works.

Spyware is a modern day plague.  The world of anti-spyware is complex and misleading with cures that may or may not work.  Over 80% of computers are infected with some form of spyware.  Many of these are just tracking cookies used for marketing.  Others claim to protect you like Malware Patrol Pro, when they are actually harming you.

Your computer will be slowed down because these programs run in the background as soon as you start your computer.  They may hijack your homepage, add tool bars and search bars that will bombard you with even more malware.

First, you have to sift your way through the programs that are straight up out there to steal from you whatever they can.  These are the dangerous ones.  The will attach themselves onto your computer through a Trojan Zlob or Vundo when you download videos and software.  These bugs can be easily avoided by staying off of questionable sites like peer to peer (P2P) file sharing communities or adult websites.  If it says its free, it usually isn’t.  You will end up paying with time or money in the end.

Maybe you are looking for a way to remove Malware Patrol Pro.  It could be that you are also just looking for a good anti-spyware program.  Once you get past the criminals, you have another layer of programs that work – just not that well.  Most spyware programs only remove up to 75% of the problem.  They simply don’t have the technology to keep up on the latest definitions and updates.  I have heard of people running up to two or three programs and still getting attacked.

There are only a handful of programs that really work.  At Spyzooka, we are confident that what we offer will work.  That is why we can offer a 100% removal guarantee within 24 hours.  There are only a few programs out there that employ a robotic system that constantly surfs the ‘Net for spyware and updates the database.  On top of that, we really do make the customer our first priority.

If you scan your computer for Malware Patrol Pro or any other similar malware, we usually get it on the first try.  If we don’t, you just upload your file and send it to us.  You will hear from us shortly by email.  Our team will work hard to find the latest definitions and updates.  You will be emailed the information within 24 hours.  Your computer will be running good as new.  In addition, you get the added comfort of surfing the ‘Net for the next year worry-free.  If you decide to renew, your price will remain the same.

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