Malware Protector 2008: The Latest Revolution in Malware Infection

Malware Protector 2008 is the latest rogue, or fake, anti-spyware program to come from the family of Advanced XP Defender and MalwarePatrolPro.  Spyzooka follows these programs closely, and with the exception a few catchy graphics, this program has really done nothing new in the way of creating new scams to drain your bank account and lower your credit scores.

Spyware has plagued the Internet for years now.  Malware Protector 2008 is a crude version of rogue anti-spyware software that is used to trick you into purchasing the full version.  If you have fallen for this trap, don’t panic.  Spyzooka doesn’t even bat an eye at this program.
Most likely, this program has piggybacked a Trojan Zlob or Vundo.  I won’t bore you with the mechanics of this except to say it comes from video codecs when you download videos or software, especially from “questionable” or “unethical” websites.

If you are looking for signs of Malware Protector 2008, let me share some of the very obvious ones.  After the program silently takes over your computer, the pop-ups will begin.  The funny thing about Malware Protector 2008’s pop-ups is that they are riddled with misspellings and typos.  This should set off alarms right here.

Another interesting feature of Malware Protector 2008 is the screen saver.  When your computer goes into screen saver, expect to see little blue bugs crawling all over your screen, reminding you of the infections eating away at your computer.  A little elementary, but it seems to work because people are buying this program.

If you clicked on the pop-up, you know that the logo and screen looks similar to other reputable spyware programs.  The scan will start without asking your permission and detect an abnormally high number of threats (which are false.)   They really go above and beyond the call of duty with fear tactics.

The software runs in the background, constantly monitoring your information.  Your homepage will be hijacked.  You can expect to see toolbars you didn’t add that will redirect you to more malware sites, further infecting your computer.  My advice is to either throw your computer away or remove Malware Protector 2008 immediately.

If you try to manually remove the program, another pop-up will come up to tell you that you may remove the program, but the malware that they infected you with will be reinstalled to the original state.  Why torment yourself and waste your time taking off files that are so well-hidden even some of the best computer techs can’t find them?  If you didn’t get them all, you will be back to square one the next time you start up Windows.

Spyzooka can protect you now and in the future from programs like Malware Protector 2008.  I am proud to offer a 100% removal guarantee that no other company can offer.  My program will protect you from having your identity stolen and sold to 3rd party companies that will max out credit cards and drain bank accounts.  Having this kind of protection at all times while you surf the ‘Net is worth it.

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