NanoAntivirus Has Nothing to Do With Viruses

Rogue security tools like NanoAntivirus operate by weaving a web of deception on the World Wide Web.  They represent a level of deviousness that transcends the old guard of spyware.  It’s not enough to infect your computer with malware, they do it with the intention of stealing your money.

NanoAntivirus and programs like it use a marketing ploy that can only be described as extortion.  They give you a problem and tell you that they’re the only ones that can fix it.  By the way, you’ll pay out the nose for it.  Then, of course, they leave you with the problem.

It all starts at an infected website.  More often than not, it involves watching videos, since it’s a pretty easy disguise for them to put on.  NanoAntivirus or the other corrupt tools may even use free access to what you would otherwise pay for.  It may have even cloned a legitimate website.  However, they’re not limited to those things, they’re just attractions.

Once you click on the video icon, it says that it’s downloading a video codec so you can watch the clip.  This so-called codec is actually the Zlob or Vundo Trojan Downloaders.  They’re a form of spyware that bypass your security systems and download other spyware programs.  That’s how NanoAntivirus gets on your computer.

Once on your computer, NanoAntivirus starts with a pop-up, redirects your browser to or a cloned page that they’ve made, and tells you that you have an unbelievably huge virus infection.  Of course, the only infection you actually have is Nano Anti virus.

Now that they’ve given you a problem, they offer their “solution.”  This involves paying at least twice what you would normally pay for security software.  They want you to believe that only NanoAntivirus is the one that can do it, but that also is a lie.

NanoAntivirus wasn’t created with the ability to actually destroy viruses.  It was only created by the criminals who use it to get their hands into your pockets.  Of course, being criminals, who’s to say that they would just take the asking price for Nano Anti virus?  It’s not a risk worth taking.

NanoAntivirus is neither an antivirus, nor is it a virus.  It might be easy to think that it’s a virus because of the antivirus claim.  However, it will never show up on an antivirus scan and an antivirus program will not get rid of it.

To get rid of NanoAntivirus, you need an antispyware program.  It, and other rogue security tools, are nothing other than a bundle of spyware programs with a high price tag and a scanning program.  None of which you really want to have.

For infections like NanoAntivirus, I highly suggest ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  It stays on top of the developments in spyware programs by scanning the Internet constantly looking for new spyware definitions.  While other people are getting infected, you’re protected.  At $29.99, the price tag isn’t bad, either.

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