Never Trust TrustCleaner!

The name would suggest that you can not only “Trust” it, but that it is a “Cleaner” and it will get spyware off your computer. In reality TrustCleaner is absolute evil in code!

What TrustCleaner does is block browser search results and all Microsoft web pages, and every attempt to find a way to get rid TrustCleaner redirects you to web pages trying to get you to buy the “full version” of TrustCleaner.

Not only does TrustCleaner try to get you to buy it at every turn, it replaces the wallpaper to advertising, telling you how to buy it. As soon as you boot up the computer it gives you pop-ups every few minutes to convince you that you need to buy the “full version” to get rid of it. There are some people out there that have bought TrustCleaner in a desperate attempt to remove it, but that will only make things worse.

TrustCleaner is self replicating, meaning that when you remove one part of it, it comes back at full strength as soon as you reboot the computer. TrustCleaner infiltrates every major folder on the hard drive, making it very difficult to remove manually.

I spent a solid six hours trying to get TrustCleaner off a friend’s computer. I tried everything I could think of, but every time I reboot the computer there it was. TrustCleaner creates all kinds of registry edits and auto start parameters.

If all of this is not enough to convince you that TrustCleaner is evil in code, then how about this. TrustCleaner block just about every anti-malware program on the market.

I put three different malware removal programs on my friend’s computer, and none of them got rid of it. Some got rid of parts of it but after rebooting there it was again.

I was just about to give up and wipe the hard drive when I decided to try Spyzooka in one last ditch effort. And it worked! That’s right Spyzooka was the only thing I found that got rid of TrustCleaner. No wonder Spyzooka is 100% guaranteed!

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