Nithsys is spread by Trojan.PPDropper. Once a computer is infected, the attacker opens up a backdoor into the computer. This allows the attacker access to the entire computer. The attacker has the ability to steal passwords, collect personal information and install more programs.


Security Risk
Nithsys has an elevated security risk due its ability to spread through the Trojan.PPDropper.


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  1. Ruth Davis says:

    for the last few days my computer was giving me warnings about some kind of spywares and trojans. reading on spyzooka about how many people are trying to steal money with fake anti-spyware, my pc got a free scan and i found out that my computer is infected with nithsys. I had to read about what it means and I was a little scared. but Spyzooka helped me, and after the scan, i downloaded Nithsys remover and now is gone.

  2. Carl V. Horn says:

    I’m very thankful to those people, who creates this tool! No computer problems anymore! If you have problems with spyware you can no longer think! SpyZooka works!

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