On 2ndthought: some thoughts on the 2nd thought virus

2ndthought is a software or an adware that generates advertisements or pop up ads while the user is surfing the internet. This software would redirect your search results to promotional web sites. Usually users do not even know that their computers have adwares as they work inconspicuously. Sometimes while surfing the internet, we can come across viruses or Trojans that would download adwares into our computers. These adwares can change the settings of the browser we are using to direct it to certain sites that advertise their products.

Computers get infected with 2ndthought if your operating system and the security settings of your browser would be too lax. 2ndthought can enter the computer if you often download and install freeware or shareware as some of these have 2ndthought in them. There are times when adwares are attached to softwares that are free to allow the developers to earn some money and cover the overhead costs that were incurred when creating the softwares. Another way to get the 2ndthought would be by using peer to peer software which could expose your computer to the possibility of downloading infected files. Lastly you can get them by visiting questionable websites that have objectionable content.

You will know that your computer is infected with 2nd thought is your computer is working very slowly. Since 2nd thought can slow your computer down, your computer would boot slower than usual. It can also reset your internet settings so your home page can be changed from the usual default settings. Furthermore a lot of pop ups will be showing. Lastly you will find out that people will receive emails from your email address which you did not even send because 2nd thought creates emails that it sends to people in your address book.

One way to make sure that you do not have this in your computer would be by getting a hold of the Spyzooka anti spyware program that could easily eliminate all traces of spywares in your computer that can affect the performance of your computer.

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