Ourxin is Another Nasty Trojan!

The list of adware and other nasty trojans seems to go on forever. There are so many floating around out in cyberspace now that it is hard to keep track. Ourxin is another trojan to add to your list of things to avoid. Whether you think you are already a victim of one of these parasites or want to protect yourself for the future, this information will help you understand what adware is and what to do if you find that you have it on your PC.

Adware is generally advertising software that displays targeted ads to you, usually via pop-up and banner ads. This software is often innocently installed on your PC while downloading another file. It may piggy-back through with a file you actually do want, without your knowledge. These malicious software programs can track your online activities, so that is why the pop-up ads you get are often related to the topics you search for.

Ourxin is a trojan that carries substantial risk. It monitors your activity while on your computer, and sends the data it gathers to another web server. In some cases, it can crash your Internet Explorer browser. Ourxin runs on every Windows startup. This is one program you definitely want to remove ASAP.

Sometimes even your personal security is at risk. Adware can access your passwords and other business account information. Your personal identity can actually be at risk.

What are some things you may notice if your computer is affected? Other than the barrage of advertisements, you may notice changes in your browser. You may also notice that your homepage has changed, or that your computers performance is much slower than usual. Windows may seem to “freeze” or lock up. If you notice these symptoms, get a good anti-spyware product as soon as possible.

Is your computer showing symptoms of potential security problems? If you think your PC may be infected with Ourxin or other adware, click here for a free scan.

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