Pcprotectioncenter2008—More Snake Oil For the Rubes

The Internet is virtually crawling with scam artists.  Some will even go so far as to make your computer sick so you will buy their cure.  It’s almost like the snake oil salesmen from the Old West.  The creators of pcprotectioncenter2008 definitely agree with P.T. Barnum that there’s a sucker born every minute.

It’s my mission to have you informed, so that you won’t get taken advantage of by these rogue programs.  It’s unfortunate that all this article can do is to keep you from being ripped off.  Once you see what I’m about to describe, you’re already infected.

The way the rogue security tools work is that they trick you into thinking you need their program.  They do this by infecting your computer with spyware and offer a supposed fix.  Much like the snake oil salesmen mentioned above, it doesn’t fix anything.

If you buy it, feel lucky if you only lose $50 to $80; they could have taken your entire account and demolished your credit score.  It has been known to happen.

The pathology of this program goes much like all the other rogue security programs.  It infects your computer when you click a button on an infected website or when you make an infected download.  Then the real fun begins.

A pop up screen comes up and says that your computer is infected with apparently thousands of malware files.  First of all, unless you have the software on your computer, no one on the Internet is watching your activity to protect you on this level.  Secondly, these infected files are your browsing history and tracking cookies.  They’re not infected.

Then it will conveniently hijack your browser and redirect you to its home page.  It will say that it can fix your infection for the low, low price of their product, which is about twice that of most real antispyware programs.  You can turn down this offer…or can you?  For some reason, it won’t let you leave the page.

Like with the snake oil salesman, you should not buy their product.  All you really get out of the deal is a Trojan Downloader that will further infect your computer with pop ups, other spyware, maybe a virus, maybe a worm.  You just never know what they will pack in these things.

Of course, we can’t forget where the real damage occurs if you buy their product.  It’s in your pocket book.  As I said earlier, you’re getting off light if you just lost the asking price of their product.  They could have taken more.

ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the new sheriff in town.  We’ll run these crooks out of town on a rail.  They brought a gun to a bazooka fight!

We’re the only antispyware company that can stand behind our 100% spyware removal guarantee.  We have a constant watch on the Internet prairie, looking for bushwhackers like these.  Within minutes of their first appearance, you’re ready for them.  How’s that for security?

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