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Every day millions of people go online to find information, to do business, to have a good time. Alas, some people go there to commit crimes. Crimes have been committed via the Internet almost from its very launch, now cybercriminals has become dangerous as never before. We’ve been warned lots of times about stealing data, identity theft, phishing scams and pharming. We have at least heard of denial-of-service attacks and “zombie” computers, and now one more type of online attack has emerged and it is the holding data for ransom. Extortionists remotely encrypt user files and then demand money for the key to decode the information. Researchers at Symantec also have seen the malicious program used in the ransom attack.  It is said that attackers could use a website, email, or other means to distribute the Adware and launch a widespread extortion campaign. When the user visits a malicious website, his unpatched PC gets infected with adware such as .PluginDL and this adware enables already to input advertisements that are very annoying to the person using the computer. Adware are very dangerous because of the new types of adware that malicious people are coming up everyday. It is no joke that more and more people are getting infected with such vile acts and we as part of society should be aware and ready. What can we do to be ready and aware?
For one thing, we can do some research for the different types of adware that are out there. Another is that we can make sure that before opening mysterious websites; we should know its contents already whether it is through friends and relatives or people that may know the site that we intend to open. For those mischievous teenagers, avoid opening sites that are not for you such as pornographic sites because a lot of the adware comes from such site because of their popularity.

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