Pyroantispy Is Nothing But Trouble

If you are looking for helpful computer program, pyroantispy is not it. Although this cunning computer program may pretend to offer you refuse from any computer problems that may stem from malicious software, or malware, it will only make your computer angry.

That’s right; pyroantispy is a front for a really bad and harmful scam. You may be confused, because pyroantispy will tell you that it can get rid of any malware on your computer, but it is actually the malware you want to avoid.

It will all start with a scary warning, telling you that it is necessary for you to check out a free scan of your computer system for malware. Sometimes we may be skeptical of anything that is free, because sometimes things that are free turn out to be more costly than advertised. However, most of the time, we figure we can check it out and if it is not a true claim, no harm in checking it out. In this case, there is great danger of trusting this free scan. Not only are the results fabricated, but when you click ok to a free scan on these rogue antispyware programs, you have just given the program access to your computer.

For instance, when you hit ok to the free scan of your computer, the program is downloading its own malware into your system instead of scanning for problems. You are then given a fake report of problems. Then, pyroantispy will notify you that they can take care of all of these problems immediately with their full version for a fee. Even if you do not purchase the full version, they will still be making money off of you.

How you ask? It’s because many of these malware programs also contain key logger programs that can keep record of your keystrokes. So, once you type in your credit card to make an online purchase they now have record of your personal information. That free scan is costing you money now. Plus, you still have to find out a way to get rid of the malware once you realize that your computer is obviously running slow and that you are being attacked by pop up ads.

You can try to go in and delete the malware yourself, however these programs are slick. They operate with Trojan horses which are programs that hide in temporary files in your computer. They also assume different names, looking like system files that are important for your computer to run. So, the best solution is always to find someone that can get rid of your problem that knows exactly how to deal with these tricky programs.

Spyzooka has the experience to take care of any of these problems. They offer a 100% guarantee for their services and can get things taken care of quickly. You will not have to wait around scared that your personal information is being lifted by this malware; they will remove it immediately and with great results.

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