Rapidantivirus: Quick Death With Spyzooka

Spyzooka has been around long enough to see every trick of the trade in rogue anti-spyware products.  Rapidantivirus is another intelligently built, unethical anti-spyware program that comes from the same family as Antivir64 and Power Antivirus 2009.  The actual software is not that much different from any of the advance parasites out there.  Still, this “rapid antivirus” program is highly dangerous and must be removed immediately.  Spyzooka has cutting edge information systems that track all the latest malicious rogue spyware.

End users usually become infected in one of two ways; Trojans or pop-ups. The Trojans come from downloading videos.  However, it’s not the actual video, but the video codec that contains the malware along with others that are undetectable.  The program will be loaded and start every time Windows is opened. From there, the pop-ups to buy the program start and never end until you manage to remove it.

The other way is through a pop-up warning that appears very official, saying that you have risks.  You can scan in most cases (sometimes it will do it for you without asking).  After that, expect a list of files with an alarming rate of infection.  When you click on it, it will take you to www.rapidantivirus.com.  There you can purchase more spyware that is cleverly disguised as anti-virus software.  They have a very nice website with tutorials and special features.  It has everything except the name of the people responsible for creating this program.

The program will be running as soon as you start up Windows.  It will show a variety of fake infections.  They will help you delete these files, but in actuality they are usually essential files that are needed to run your whole system. Firewalls will keep alerting you to get you to purchase the program.

The program will not remove any actual spyware.  It will sell all your information to third parties that will inundate you with add-ons, pop-ups, toolbars, search bars, and hijacked websites.  They may even sell the credit card information you gave to them to someone who will clear out your bank account.

At this point, the priority should be rapidly getting rid of the program.  It can be removed manually, but it could result in permanent damage to your computer and is very risky (though experienced computer technicians can try this).  They are nearly impossible to remove by finding instructions posted online, because new files are added all the time—make sure you take note of when the removal directions were written.  These advanced spyware parasites will quickly repair themselves if they aren’t removed.  They often aren’t because they are so well hidden.

The best way to go would be with a trustworthy anti-spyware program like Spyzooka.  There is a 100% guarantee of removal of any malicious software.  If the problem is still there after running a scan, the team will work on an update that fixes it within 24 hours.  Spyzooka can remove Rapidantivirus and any other problem.  Surfing the Internet can be fun again when you are protected the whole time!

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