Remove SpywareQuake

SpywareQuake is a rogue security program designed to trick the user into purchasing the product, which is totally useless. Through misleading and aggressive security warnings, SpywareQuake informs the user of infections and parasites that exist on their computer, although they probably do not. These alerts are intended to alarm the user, so that they will purchase the product to eliminate these threats. SpywareQuake cannot scan your PC, nor can it detect or remove anything. It may make your PC become unstable, and access private information such as passwords and business data. SpywareQuake may also install additional malware on your computer, which will add to the problems and possibly cause your PC to crash.

Recommended Action:
Remove at Once


Spyware Quake,
SpywareQuake 4.3,
Spyware Quake 4.3

Manual Removal:
To remove SpywareQuake manually,
you must first kill all associated running processes.
It is then necessary to locate all related files and values in the Windows registry so that you can delete them. Manual removal is a complex process, and may cause damage to your computer if done improperly. To remove SpywareQuake automatically, it is suggested that you use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka,
which is 100% guaranteed and intended for this purpose.

Related Files:
dfrgsrv.exe, mssearchnet.exe, nvctrl.exe, spywarequake.exe,
autodisc32.dll, dvdcap.dll, hvnwm.dll, imfdfcj.dll, ornzq.dll,
sivudro.dll, stickrep.dll, suprox.dll, vhywj.dll, wfkduei.dll,
xenadot.dll, yfysupa.dll, yhbdupd.dll, ywbicim.dll, sq.ini,
hp[X].tmp, ld[X].tmp, spywarequake 2.0.lnk uninstall spywarequake 2.0.lnk spywarequake 2.0 website.lnk spywarequakeinstaller.exe spywarequake.exe uninst.exe ywbicim.dll wfkduei.dll hvnwm.dll imfdfcj.dll yhbdupd.dll stickrep.dll sivudro.dll xenadot.dll dvdcap.dll suprox.dll msvcp71.dll msvcr71.dll dfrgsrv.exe mssearchnet.exe nvctrl.exe spywarequake2.0website.lnk spywarequake2.0.lnk uninstallspywarequake2.0.lnk blacklist.txt ref.dat spywarequake.url sq.ini english.ini hp[X].tmp ld[X].tmp autodisc32.dll bpvcou.dll dnefhw.dll erxbx.dll guxxa.dll gvfsc.dll hvcycg.dll hzclqhc.dll jevtxpg.dll kkqfb.dll lwpfwjb.dll mzoeut.dll ofcukiz.dll ornzq.dll oybgrql.dll pmnqguh.dll rmzdzx.dll tnvocyn.dll qrucmr.dll vhywj.dll viwpzla.dll vpxnk.dll xuefh.dll yfysupa.dll yephk.dll yvvdj.dll zlara.dll ishost.exe ismon.exe isnotify.exe issearch.exe spy-quake2.exe fhmfes.dll jpqet.dll viruxz.dll vwlummc.dll SpywareQuake 2.3.lnk 2.3 Website.lnk Uninstall 2.3.lnk win3.tmp.exe win9.tmp.exe SpywareQuakeInstaller[1].exe SpywareQuake.lnk win5.tmp.exe winF.tmp.exe urroxtl.dll Winwcd.dll SafetyBar.dll ixt0.dll win17.tmp.exe win8.tmp.exe flx3.dll win12.tmp.exe SpywareQuaked.exe SpywareQuaked.url win6.tmp.exe win7.tmp.exe 9.tmp.exe win18.tmp.exe

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  1. Jake Cooke says:

    I really trust this software when it comes to removing the spyware/malware.
    My computer runs faster and smoother since downloading SpyZooka.

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