Remove the Adware.OneStep Threat

Adware.OnStep is adware. It starts up every time Windows starts. It runs in the background undetected. This program activates the online advertising we are all too familiar with, like pop-up ads and banners.

This program, like all spyware, runs on your computer without your consent. It uses your computer to track your Internet browsing. It dishes up ads that match your searches. Unfortunately, it also makes your computer run slowly and can cause a hole in your computer’s security that even more spyware can take advantage of.

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Adware.OneStep file contents:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\HBEPGUID.TXT %SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\foo\XPC.mfl
%SystemDrive%\INSTALLED\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{C7E0B063-1DC2-4DD0-A502-1D67957B9ADE}\chrome\onestep.jar
%SystemDrive%\INSTALLED\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{C7E0B063-1DC2-4DD0-A502-1D67957B9ADE}\chrome.manifest
%SystemDrive%\INSTALLED\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{C7E0B063-1DC2-4DD0-A502-1D67957B9ADE}\defaults\preferences\prefs.js %SystemDrive%\INSTALLED\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{C7E0B063-1DC2-4DD0-A502-1D67957B9ADE}\install.rdf
%SystemDrive%\INSTALLED\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\onestep.xml %ProgramFiles%\OneStep\home.js
%ProgramFiles%\OneStep\onestep.exe %ProgramFiles%\OneStep\OneStep_deleted_\onestep.dll %ProgramFiles%\OneStep\OneStep_deleted_\onestep.exe %ProgramFiles%\OneStep\osopt.exe
%Windìr%\Temp\ONE[RANDOM NUMBERS].tmp\upgrade.exe %Windìr%\Temp\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].tmp\Au_.exe

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