Remove Win32.CinSock

The Win32.CinSock spyware is a member of the Backdoor Trojan family of programs that are maliciously designed to access a victim computer through sneaky and unscrupulous means.  By appearing to be a helpful or benign file, the Win32.CinSock file is able to circumvent the inherent protective measures of a computer and create problems from there.

Recommended Action:
Remove at Once

CinSock Backdoor

Manual Removal:
Some skilled computer users may wish to manually remove Win32.CinSock, which can be accomplished by ceasing all of the running processes for the spyware file, and then destroying any of the remaining related files.  However, this can be a tricky proposition for the average computer user.  These individuals may feel somewhat more comfortable using a reliable anti-spyware system, such as the ZookaWare PC Cleaner program from the ZookaWare company.  This product completes the removal of spyware with guaranteed accuracy and safety.

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  1. Beannie says:

    SpyZooka works well, catches viruses that other anti-spyware doesn’t and I like the way it protects my computer.

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