Run Away From Antivir 64

When you encounter Antivir 64, it will try to scare you into believing that your computer is in danger.  Your computer will be safe if you stay away from Antivir 64.  This program is a scam and is malicious software (malware) that can easily download itself onto your computer without your knowing and cause you some real damage.

Antivir 64 can show up on your computer without your knowing.  You may have downloaded another file that had Antivir 64 attached to it.  Then you will be using your computer and a security pop up will keep bugging you.  These pop ups will be frequent, which will slow down your computer a lot.  However, these frequent warnings are made to scare you into believing that you have malware on your computer.  Once these warnings get the best of you, you will be persuaded to buy their full version of Antivir 64 in order to remove the malware.  Either way, once you see the program, you have malware—and buying their full version will not remove it.  You will only be donating more money to the programmers who invented this scam.

Now, please note that the most important thing to remember here is that the Antivir 64 program was not just created to slow down your computer.  This malware will actually be able to keep a log of your key strokes and catch your credit card information, or any other information that the programmers can use to profit from.  This is the dangerous part for you.  So, you must find an expert to remove the program immediately.

You may consider yourself a computer expert, but trust me—these malware creators mean business.  The longer they can keep their malware on your hard drive, the more chances they have to keep getting information that may pay off for them in the long run.  They want to steal from you as long as they can, so their programs are written to stay put.

You cannot go in and simply run an uninstall or deletion program on your computer.  You can try to go through and manually delete all of the files, but this is usually a huge waste of time.  Because Antivir 64 uses Trojan horses, the files are often temporary, hidden, and made to look like they are essential to your computer.  You will not want to delete important files, and this will just be too much of a pain.

So, if you call on an expert in malware, you can rest assured that the entire program will be erased.  Spyzooka is a company full of experts on malware.  Spyzooka has the experience to back themselves up, along with a 100% guarantee on their services.  Who would not want to be 100% sure that this malware is gone?  End the scam once and for all, and let Spyzooka work their magic on your computer against Antivir 64.  You can rest easy, and you wallet can too.

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