Say Bye-Bye to BonziBuddy

Many, many years ago, there was a product that was unleashed on the world. This product was called BonziBuddy, and was considered one of the most annoying software programs out there. If you ever had an experience with BonziBuddy, you know what I’m talking about.

BonziBuddy was the name of a character that lives on your desktop. He will sing and talk to you. BonziBuddy will even tell you jokes and walk across your desktop. These are the so-called “cute” actions that BonziBuddy will engage in. But BonziBuddy does more than just entertain. He also implores you to buy more jokes for him to tell and more songs for him to sing. After all, he only has about six of each.

BonziBuddy is also known to constantly reset browser home pages to its own home page. No matter how many times you reset it, BonziBuddy will change it back to its own home page. It also collects information on the user’s activities and delivers pop up ads to the infected computer, even while the computer isn’t online.

There were two ways that someone can become infected with BonziBuddy. One way is through manual download and the other is a more sinister method of infection. BonziBuddy has been known to be packaged with other programs and secretly installed on your computer.

While the makers of BonziBuddy had to shut down their website because so many people felt that it was an annoying product, there are still websites where you can manually download this pest.

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