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Sdkvt32 is a browser hijacker spyware program.  It was first discovered on June 17 of 2005.  It is a Cool Web Search variant, and may come bundled with other Cool Web Search related files.

In its capacity as a Browser Hijacker, Sdkvt32 can reset your home page and redirect your browser to its affiliate websites.  It monitors your browsing activity to deliver targeted advertisements.  This alone is annoying enough.

In its capacity as a Trojan Downloader, it can download other malware programs to further infect your computer.  This increases the danger level of this program.

If you get this infection, you should clean it up as quickly as possible.  Your security may be compromised, along with the expected slower computer speed and increase of program crashes.  You can also expect your active desktop to fail, your printer communication may be interfered with, and you may be unable to open some antispyware and antivirus programs from your desktop.

Many antispyware programs have a further difficulty in removing this infection.  The random file name generation can make it harder to detect.  What you need to remove this program is an antispyware program that updates frequently.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the most frequently updating antispyware program on the market.

Also Known As:
[Win32.]Adware.Iefeats, CWS

Associated Files:
%systemdir%sdkzc32.exe and randomly named executable files,
dlls and registry keys.

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  1. Aidan Edwards says:

    SpyZooka is a first rate program and does everything it is supposed to do.
    I have found this and all other programs from Zookaware company to be superb. I feel more confident in the stability and reliability of my computer.

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