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SearchNine is an adware program disguised as a toolbar add-on for your browser.  It was first discovered on September 1 of 2006.  It is distributed by Baidu, and is powered by the web server,  It is of Chinese origin.

SearchNine is installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent.  The installation file is known as Virus.Win32.Virut.a! according to Kaspersky.  While it doesn’t have spyware capabilities, it hijacks your browser.  It resets your home page to its website at, and redirects all your searches to its website.

The activity of SearchNine can seriously slow down your computer’s performance.  It can also potentially cause your Internet browser to crash.  Any supposed benefits it offers are not worth compromising the functionality of your computer.

If you are infected with this program, you should remove it immediately with ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  While there are other means to remove SearchNine, ZookaWare PC Cleaner has proven to consistently and completely remove this threat from your computer.

Also Known As:
SearchNine Toolbar, Adware-SearchNine,
AdWare.SearchNine.A, AdWare.SearchNine.B,
AdWare.SearchNine.C, AdWare.SearchNine.D,
AdWare.SearchNine.E, AdWare.SearchNine.F,

Adware Type: Toolbar, Browser Hijacker

Associated Files:
(Program Files folder) \ SearchNineBand
(Program Files folder)\SearchNineBand\bandtitle.dat
(Program Files folder)\SearchNineBand\clientid.dat
(Program Files folder)\SearchNineBand\
(Program Files folder)\SearchNineBand\
(Program Files folder)\SearchNineBand\SearchNine.dll
(Program Files folder)\SearchNineBand\SearchNineTray.exe
(Program Files folder)\SearchNineBand\ToolbarInstaller.exe
(Program Files folder)\SearchNineBand\ToolbarUninstaller.exe
(Wondowoo folder) \ sn_lc.ocx
HKCR \ CLSID \ (359C2E51-9823-11D2-8DDC-D84A1B4ACD4D)
HKCR \ TypeLib \ (359C2E41-9823-11D2-8DDC-D84A1B4ACD4D)
HKCR \ Interface \ (359C2E50-9823-11D2-8DDC-D84A1B4ACD4D)
HKCR \ CLSID \ (36225FAE-BD65-48D8-9808-7AAEB92B4604)
HKCR \ CLSID \ (FD86B71F-0F9F-485A-B40A-202AF1055F55)
HKCR \ TypeLib \ (29F32B0A-3F21-42CB-B857-EB4BC7BB0789)
HKCR \ Interface \ (B7FC3D6C-ABBB-4B0E-80E9-9C9C7B03EBA2)
HKCR \ Interface \ (C5EDB2DE-D559-46E8-80CF-9BD2A8FA4D47)
HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run
-> SearchNineTray = “C:\Program Files\SearchNineBand\SearchNineTray.exe”
HKCU \ Software \ KRASP
HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall \ SearchNine

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    I have been using a lot of antispyware programs for many years, but spyzooka is the best. I recommend the program highly!

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