ShowBehind Really Shows Its Behind

ShowBehind is an adware program released in 2003 by MicroSmarts Enterprises. It’s a Trojan Dropper program that generates popunder ads. Depending on your antispyware program, you might see it called Swind. It’s more irritating than anything.

ShowBehind will usually sneak onto your computer as part of a package program you could get by downloading freeware programs. This is where some issues come up as to whether or not ShowBehind is a legitimate program.

Apparently, when you download this program, you automatically sign an agreement to have it on your computer. You probably never get to see this agreement, but it has been used to justify the existence of ShowBehind.

Either way, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to have ShowBehind on your computer. The pop under ads are irritating, and it slows down your computer’s performance. Some programs may even crash from the additional workload.

The pop ups that ShowBehind generates are technically called popunders. They work the same way as ordinary pop ups, except that they appear behind the browser window instead of in front of it.

ShowBehind targets the Internet Explorer program on all Windows operating systems up to and including XP. When Internet Explorer is opened, it generates the popunders. This problem doesn’t exist for Firefox users.

However, ShowBehind still runs in the background regardless of your browser. This is how it saps your computer’s performance.

ShowBehind can be difficult to remove from your computer. When it gets installed, it sets up a registry key so that it starts up when Windows is booted. This registry key can often get overlooked by the lower quality antispyware programs. This means that when you reboot your Windows after killing ShowBehind, you get re-infected.

ShowBehind is just one of many adware, spyware and rogue security tools that ZookaWare PC Cleaner can easily remove from your computer. The difference between ZookaWare PC Cleaner and the other spyware removal tools is that we don’t wait until our customers get infected to treat a problem. We go out looking for potential troubles, so we can fix them before you get them.

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