Slow down, Viruslabs2009!

It seems a widespread feature of malware to label their programs a year ahead of their actual release date. Viruslabs2009, for instance, was released in 2008, not 2009. While this sort of dating is common in the automobile industry, it doesn’t legitimately happen in the software industry. This program is really a malware type called a corrupt security tool.

Also known as rogue security software, or “crapware,” this is one of the most clearly malignant types of Internet parasite out there. While it won’t harm your files, it will compromise your system’s security and stability like spyware. Additionally, it will try to rip you off like any Internet scam. Its developers just know no shame.

These programs usually lie in wait on infected websites or in infected downloads. There’s no easy way to tell if these websites or downloads are real or fake, unless you have a good antispyware program. Then, you simply wouldn’t be able to see the sites or take the downloads. If you do get to see them, then your antispyware program has failed you. It’s an all too common occurrence, sadly, since most spyware security software doesn’t keep as up to date as it should.

As I said, there’s no sure way of knowing. Most of means of transmission are related to getting stuff dishonestly. Most often, the sites are pornography, gambling, peer to peer file sharing, or online pharmacies, but this is no way to be sure, since there are many legitimate free services in these markets. It should also be mentioned that every corrupt security tool has a home page where they will infect you for trying their free online scans or free trial versions. Again, there are many legitimate sites that offer these same services without infection, such as my ZookaWare PC Cleaner site.

About the only browsing habit that can get you infected that I will actively discourage is Internet piracy. Downloading pirated software is illegal, simply put. The most obvious risk of Internet piracy is getting arrested, so it’s not worth it on that level. Furthermore, rogue security programs aren’t the only thing that will infect your computer. Viruses, Worms and Trojans also tend to lie on the other side of that download button. Corruption breeds corruption. Getting free software and media is not worth the price people pay for Internet piracy.

Most antispyware products can’t keep up with all the infected websites and downloads. The problem is that in order to block a site or download, they have to be identified first. Unfortunately, most programs drag their heels on this part. I created ZookaWare PC Cleaner to fill in this gap.

ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the only antispyware software that makes a 100% spyware removal guarantee. While other companies are snoozing, we’re scouring the Internet looking for new spyware to fix. Immediately on a site’s release, or a spyware launch, we have found it and have begun working on a fix. Within minutes, your computer will have the update. They can keep trying to stay ahead, but we’re right on them.

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Cyberlab runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has no ads, popups or bundled software and fully uninstalls by clicking Start > All Programs > select Cyberlab and click Uninstall.

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