Spyprotector – The Click You’ll Regret

If you are looking around for a good anti-spyware program, you have quite a job ahead of you.  First, you have to figure out if it is actually spyware.  Then you get to figure out if you are getting a product that offers adequate protection.  Spyprotector is rogue anti-spyware.  If you are thinking about purchasing it, don’t.  If you have been getting pop-ups advertising Spyprotector, get a good anti-spyware program.  You may have picked up a Trojan.

I cringe when I think of all the different risks that average computer users unknowingly take.  Most of the time, you can avoid these by not going to questionable sites.  Adult content sites are like problems waiting to happen, and they often do.  There are other places that you want to avoid, too.  To keep your computer safe, you should generally stay away from any site that offers free or pirated software like Warez.  Peer to peer file sharing communities aren’t safe either – there are any number of bugs you could pick up.  You may think that when you downloaded the program that the anti-virus scan didn’t find anything.  It probably didn’t on the download, but it is the transfer process of the Active X or video codec that gets you.  If you are asked to authenticate a certificate, it is probably a Trojan.

This is when the pop-ups start, and then you might get the unsolicited scan which shows up  and declares numerous threats.  Don’t believe any program that scans something for free without your permission.  The pop-ups won’t stop till you either remove the malware or purchase the “licensed” program.  Upon purchase, the pop-ups stop.  Next comes browser hijacking, unwanted toolbars, inane search results, and more adware and spyware.  You have just opened a door for 3rd party criminals to rip you off in every way possible.

Not only is your financial stability at risk, but you could be putting yourself in danger of predators and stalkers.  Or what about the unwanted adware that keeps showing up at awkward times?  I can recall back in 2004, reading about a substitute teacher that logged on to check her e-mail and walked away.  Suddenly the whole class was in an uproar laughing.  She looks over at her computer to find a bunch of porn pop-ups.  She kept trying to click them off, but it wouldn’t stop.  The kids went home and told their parents.  She was charged with ten counts of risk of injury to a minor.

This is one reason among many why you need to be proactive in preventing infections of Spyprotector or any other spyware.  There are only a handful of reputable companies that will offer a 24-hour removal guarantee.  Look around for credentials and reputation.

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