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If you own a computer that connects to the Internet, you should also own a spyware blocker. With the increasing threat of spyware has come the spyware blocker industry. For a small price, spyware blockers offer protection against harmful spyware of all shapes and sizes.

How do I know if I have Spyware?

The short answer is: it is impossible for the naked eye to always detect spyware. The spyware known as keyloggers actually operate secretly, without your knowledge. These malicious bugs sit around waiting for you to type in important information such as bank account and social security numbers. The recorded data is then sent back to the hacker. There’s no telling where the information goes from there. This is one of the fastest growing methods of identity theft.

Other spyware is a bit more obvious. Symptoms include:

* Your Internet browser has taken on a life of it’s own. It appears to be operated remotely, taking you to pages without your direction.

* The computer sometimes gets flooded with popups. Five new popups appear for every one you close.

* Your homepage changes on its own.

* Strange toolbars keep showing up. This sometimes includes multiple toolbars appearing simultaneously. Perhaps you even purposely downloaded one of them.

* Some of the keys on the keyboard stop working. This often plagues the “tab” key.

* You receive random error messages. These messages can even appear to be from the operating system or system administrator.

* The computer is so slow it has almost been rendered unusable.

Many computer users find themselves paying big bucks to get these problems fixed by computer repair technicians. It turns out that a simple spyware blocker can do the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

Which Spyware Blocker to Choose

So you searched for “spyware blocker” online and it came up with ten million options. How is the computer layperson supposed to know which one to choose? Keep in mind the following features in your quest to decide upon a spyware blocker:

* The first thing to look for in a spyware blocker is its rate of detection. We all know 100% is better than 70%. Choose the spyware blocker that guarantees 100%.

* Not only should the spyware blocker detect 100% of the spyware on your computer, it should also clean 100% of it out of the system.

* The spyware blocker should also prevent new spyware from entering the pc through an extensive system of guards.

* One way to figure out whether the spyware blocker offers decent prevention is if it has regular updates to combat newly created spyware. An update of the spyware database should occur at least once every day.

* The spyware blocker should be easy to install and have customer service available if you run into any bumps in the road.

* Look for a spyware blocker that shows proven results. This means testimonials from real customers and reviews from noteworthy sources.

Sifting through the many spyware blocker programs can seem tedious, but it is well worth the time spent. An effective spyware blocker will guard both you and your computer against being invaded by a hacker.
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