Spyware Preventer Will Destroy Your Computer

The only thing spyware preventer will do is prevent your computer from running properly. This program is not to be trusted. Spywarepreventer.com is only looking out for themselves when they scam you using their rogue anti-spyware program to lift your personal information from your computer and leave you with annoying pop up ads.

It is a common scam these days, posing as a malware (malicious software) scanning device, when the program is actually the malware you are trying to avoid. How does it all happen? Lets go through it step by step.

You will get a pop up ad for Spyware Preventer that looks like a windows program screen. Spywarepreventer wants you to think that it is not a pop ad, but is an actual program that is reputable so it poses as a windows function. Do not be fooled, though, this is just a design that imitates your software. The ad will tell you that you are at risk of having this malware on your hard drive. It will prompt you to take a free scan of your system to ensure that you are safe. Once you hit ok to the free scan, the spyware preventer will begin to download its own malware into your computer, while you think it is scanning your computer.

The results will show various infections, but they will all be fabricated, in order to entice you into buying their full version of the software that can get rid of the malware that they found. Buying their full version will do nothing but give them more money; it does not remove any problems, made up or current.

Once infected with spyware preventer, your computer will slow from the bombarding of pop up ads that you will see from now on. The Trojan horses that the malware has installed onto your computer will hide in temporary files in your computer disguised as essential files for your computers operation, while instead sending your personal information back to the programmers for their own illegal use.

Even if you do not have personal information stored in your computer, most of these programs have key loggers that can transcribe your key strokes for the programmers. Then they can use your identity or credit cards to get whatever they would like.

So, you need to get rid of Spyware Preventer for good! It would be great if you could just type in Spyware Preventer and just hit uninstall. Unfortunately, because of those Trojan horses that are hidden, this will not work. You can try to go through your hard drive looking to delete all of these files. However, this usually does not work either because the malware is hiding in files that change and that look important because they emulate actual computer essentials. Your best bet is finding help from experts.

Spyzooka has tons of great experiences with customers. They offer a 100% guarantee for their services because they are so dedicated to removing this vicious malware.

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Cyberlab runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has no ads, popups or bundled software and fully uninstalls by clicking Start > All Programs > select Cyberlab and click Uninstall.

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