Spyware Profile for DarkConnection

This program is a dangerous RAT or Remote Administration Tool. The author is StoLenbYTe and it is a virus is designed to gain unauthorized access to PCs and control them remotely. There were several versions that appeared from December 1999 to August 2003. You can become infected by a number of ways. It can infiltrate via an email or through a Rile or File and Print Sharing with a server application. After it has been installed, it will open a port that will allow access from an intruder or hacker. This hacker will now have control of your computer.

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Also Known As:
Dark Connection, Backdoor.DCI.12.

Spyware Type:
RAT (Remote Administration Tool)

Associated Files:

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  1. Bobby Peterson says:

    I hope that those who created DarkConnection will be infected one day! I’m sick of this virus. Thanks to programs like this I now that my computer can work normally. I appreciate your help!

  2. Christopher Lamkin says:

    SpyZooka removed DarkConnection in a few minutes. It works great and does its job protecting my computer and privacy.

  3. Lara Dennis says:

    I have used spyzooka for years now and it has always been brilliant for me. Gives excellent result in detecting spyware and protect our data.

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