Spyware Profile for Satancrew

Satancrew is a backdoor trojan that has a variety of aliases. This pest will enter your system as a Trojan and will do so secretly. It may enter through an e-mail attachment or a peer-to-peer file sharing program or even through a bundled software packer. Once it has invaded, it will open up port 12,000 on your computer and wait instruction from its author. It will then allow the author to enter. The author, a hacker, will turn off your anti-virus and attempt to control your computer remotely.

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Also Known As:
Backdoor.Satancrew, BKDR_SATANCREW.A,
MultiPager-B, Satan Crew, Backdoor/SatanCrew.10,
Backdoor/SatanCrew-1, Backdoor/SatanzCrew!Server,
BackDoor-APR, Backdoor/Hacker Too/SatanCrew,
SatanzCrew Notifier 1.00

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
No Associated Files Currently

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