Spyware Profile for Win32.Badrat

This backdoor pest will enter your system unannounced and will work to open a backdoor that allows a hacker to enter and take over your system.  Your personal information and security online is at serious risk.  This is a particularly dangerous pest that can wreak havoc on your system.

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Spyware Name:

Also Known As:
Badrat.A Backdoor,
Win32:Badrat-B [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-C [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-D [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-E [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-F [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-G [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-H [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-I [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-J [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-K [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-L [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-M [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-N [Trj],
Win32:Badrat-O [Trj],

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:

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3 Responses

  1. hellen baker says:

    My computer is running super slow when I am on the internet. I have ran my virus scan, ad aware, disk cleanup, defragment, restoration program that deletes hidden files in order to fix my computer. Yet, it still runs slow. It isn’t my provider because both her and my laptops run really fast on the same wireless connections. My deskstop is connected wirelessly, but it says the signal is strong. My computer is only a couple of years old and it is running Vista (maybe thats my first problem).
    Searching for a online scan, I found Spyzooka and found lots of trojans and malwares. I decided to download the software and thanks god, my computer works fine now.

  2. Kevin Thomas says:

    I was giving my laptop a free scan with spyzooka and it found Win32.Badrat
    . I don’t really know what that means, I had to read something about it, and I can see is dangerous. Since my anti-virus did not found it, Spyzooka helped me by downloading Win32.Badrat Remover. That was a good idea, because it’s working better now.

  3. Omar J. says:

    My computer always finds the same cookies and adware and this Win32.Badrat. They go into quarantine automatically, but after hibernating or starting the computer up, they always reappear.
    I really hope to get rid of it with SpyZooka…

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