Spyzooka Finds Zestyfind

Spyzooka has been tracking programs like Zestyfind for awhile now. It is another variation of the Look2Me adware from Nic Tech Networks Inc. The program is constantly renaming itself with clever names like Zestyfind, so they can fly under the radar. Let me ask you this. Have you ever found a piece of adware that you would consider a “find” or something that is “zesty”? Probably not.

This is why programs like Zestyfind download silently on your computer through a Trojan. A Trojan is hard to detect. They are usually found on questionable sites that contain things like adult content (porn), peer to peer file sharing communities, pirated software, and free software. They are attached to the video codec, so your firewalls can’t catch it. You may be asked to authenticate a certificate during the download. This is usually the way you give the Trojan permission to download onto your computer.

When you first download Zestyfind, it may seem like your computer wants to shut down. What is actually happening is a restart. Have you ever updated a program and had to restart your computer for the process to take effect? This is what Zestyfind is doing.

Zestyfind comes with all the annoying qualities of adware from browser hijacking, constant pop-ups and pop-unders, searchbars, and toolbars. You may experience system crashes. It tracks all of your browsing habits so that the 3rd party advertisers they are working with can aggressively market their products. Be on the lookout for rogue (fake) anti-spyware to start badgering you. The free scan that loads on your computer is actually just more spyware.

You need to remove Zestyfind immediately. It is the gateway for a variety of harmful invasions of your privacy. For just $29.95, you are 100% protected from any harmful adware or spyware. If we aren’t able to remove it on the first try, you can upload the scan and send it to us. We will guarantee the complete removal within 24 hours.

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