Spyzooka is On the Prowl for zSearch Spyware

Did you know that you have to manually install zSearch? Probably not, this is because it installs through deceit. The program usually comes bundled as a bonus to other free software. What a deal! An invasion of your privacy that you just consented to without even knowing. Do you really want to buy anything from someone that would choose to advertise with this zSearch? At Spyzooka, we think not.

The zSearch searchbar is a product of TotalVelocity. They are a legitimate company that tells you exactly what they are doing in their vendor statement. They are going to track everything that you do online and customize your search results to it with the 3rd party affiliates that are paying them. They will also keep track of your computer type, internet speed, software, and times that you are likely to use the internet. This is just so they can help you update all the software on your computer.

When they say all the software, they mean theirs. This way if any adware or spyware has infiltrated the computer through the 3rd party advertisers of zSearch, zSearch will run in the background and help them update their harmful malware. Yes, the program runs in the background constantly. If you are wondering why your computer is slow, that’s why.

The searchbar is rather inconspicuous. You can hardly tell that it is up in your browser. It will be blank and unnamed. Every time you use another browser, the search will automatically type into the searchbar. Then you find yourself sifting through pages of zSearch 3rd party affiliates until you get to the information that you needed.

Spyzooka can help you get rid of any problems that come along with zSearch, and there will be plenty. For just $29.95, you will be protected by a program free from human error. We also stand behind a 24 hour removal guarantee.

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