Spyzooka Passes On Xpassmanager Adware

Spyzooka has seen everything as far as the malware game goes. The tricks of the trade change every day. No wonder over 90% of computers have been infected with spyware, adware, browser hijacking, and in general – malware. It’s hard to keep up with Xpassmanager if you’re just one person, and that is where Spyzooka comes in.

Xpassmanager is a third party advertiser that will silently put a small piece of software on your computer without your permission. We all know to avoid questionable websites like porn and warez, but did you know that the most common way to download Xpassmanager is through free software? The people that offer the free software will often have 3rd party advertisers help pay for the cost. They have little means to tell if the company will be putting third party adware on the advertisement.

Xpassmanager goes undetected by all firewalls, security setting, and virus protections because it is encrypted in the video codec or Active X. This is the download process, not the software. Xpassmanager often goes unnoticed until you start getting the pop-ups. Then comes the browser hijacking, unwanted toolbars and searchbars, and the rogue anti-spyware tactics. Xpassmanager is a gateway to criminal activities.

The main objective of Xpassmanager is to track all of your browsing habits, so the 3rd parties they sell your information to can customize their products to suit your tastes. Kind of creepy – in a Brave New World kind of way. Even worse, your information may be used to rob you with the push of a button. Credit card fraud and identity theft is hard to trace if you fall prey to it online.

So many anti-spyware programs are inadequate because they just don’t have the database that Spyzooka is able to keep. We have an automatic robot browsing the Internet 24/7 pursuing malware updates and definitions. We can detect the latest trends before you do. This is why we confidentially offer a 24 hour removal guarantee.

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