Spyzooka Removes YourSiteToolbar for You

Spyzooka knows that there are more rogue anti-spyware programs out there than there are real solutions. YourSiteToolbar is a rogue anti-spyware program that jumped on the newest trend of the anti-spyware toolbar. YourSiteToolbar watches everything you do and reports it back to their main server, so that they can “protect” you.

YourSiteToolbar will appear in Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. The marketing ploy of an anti-spyware toolbar is to make you think that you are instantly protected from any harmful spyware that you come across. They claim that by watching all their customer’s habits, they can catch things that will protect you in the future. Even if this program did work, do you really want to buy something that is going to wait until they find it on someone else’s computer before they update their whole system?

YourSiteToolbar is created by Internet Search Technologies (IST). IST is well known for being a leader in spyware technology. They fly under the radar by getting their affiliate marketers to customize a toolbar using their program and sell it. Every time the toolbar is downloaded, the affiliate gets paid $.25. The toolbar offers no protection. In fact, the only thing you will get out of it is more spyware and adware from 3rd parties that they sell your information to.

YourSiteToolbar is like a superhighway created for hackers because all information is reported right back to a main server with your permission. If you are thinking about buying this program, don’t. It can only harm you. Manual removal is possible but not easy. The files are cleverly disguised and one wrong move means you could destroy your whole computer.

Unlike YourSiteToolbar, Spyzooka has a robot scouring the Internet for any harmful programs, updates, or definitions. It is free of human error. We get the problem before it gets our customers. If we aren’t able to remove it on the first try, we guarantee to have it removed within 24 hours.

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