Spyzooka Stops HelpExpress from Helping Themselves to Your Info

At Spyzooka, it’s our job to keep track of all the different software trends out there. HelpExpress is adware that comes attached to Aveo Attunes. It downloads automatically and runs in the background of your computer all the time. Here’s a helpful hint – you never want anything on your computer that slows down your computer because it runs all the time. HelpExpress won’t help you.

Aveo Attunes is an automated help desk software program used by a lot of different companies including Best Buy, Hewlett Packard, Earthlink, Amazon, and Direct TV. HelpExpress comes bundled with this package and downloads without your permission. Expect the program to run in the background all the time – never a good sign. Pop-ups generate according to your browsing history.

The main thing the program advertises is “helpful” advice common computer programs and products and services you can buy that will assist you. Unwarranted helpful advice should send off red flags. It appears to be easy enough to remove with an Add/Remove button, but there are reports all over tech forums saying that it regenerates automatically. Can you say, “Trojan”?

Aveo Attunes and HelpExpress are affiliated with Invoca Group, Inc and Alset, Inc. It seems important to mention that their phone lines have been reported to be down since November of 2008. Whenever you can’t trace the maker of a piece of software, you have probably come across a piece of malware. This is especially important to keep in mind with rogue (fake) anti-spyware programs.

There are a lot of choices out there in anti-spyware programs ranging from free to very expensive. There is no telling which ones will work unless you look into a few factors. Is the program in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (this is almost unheard of with anti-spyware programs)? Do they offer a removal guarantee? How do they update their database?

At Spyzooka, we offer a 24 hour removal guarantee of HelpExpress. With our robot scouring the Internet 24/7, we are free of human error.

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