Spyzooka Takes Wnad Seriously

Wnad is not a laughing matter. The spyware originates from a joke website called twistedhumour.com. At first the website offered really bad and smutty jokes that weren’t worth the time they took to download. Eventually, they got into flash jokes and games. The games are free, but they take forever to download because they are bundled with spyware and adware. Wnad is a part of the “Yo Mama, Osama” package. The install is silent but deadly.

If capitalizing on terrorism isn’t enough to turn you off, the spyware that twistedhumour.com uses should stop you dead in your tracks. The website is not easy to navigate through, and it is filled with tactics to get your email address. The end result will be endless spam. Anytime you download something for free on the Internet, you need to be aware that there are known risks. Stay away from questionable websites with adult content, peer to peer file sharing communities, pirated software, and free software. They are cesspools of malware waiting to leach on to your computer.

Wnad aggressively markets their 3rd party advertisements through pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, and spam emails. The pop-ups will appear without having your browser up. Wnad starts running as soon as you turn on your computer. It slows down the function of your computer and resets security settings. The program is a gateway to all sorts of malicious activity like rogue anti-spyware, browser hijacking, and unwanted searchbars and toolbars.

If you catch the program early enough, removal is easy. However, this doesn’t guarantee that it won’t regenerate. The files are cleverly hidden and designed to come back to life. You may end up spending more time on it than you are prepared to. For just $29.95, Spyzooka can delete any problems associated with Wnad and protect you in the future. Our technology is free of human error because we are one of the few anti-spyware companies that use a robot to scour the Internet looking for the latest updates, definitions, and trends in malware. Our 24 hour removal guarantee shows that we stand behind our product.

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