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Sysbot is a Browser Toolbar spyware program that first appeared in January 2004.  It uses stealth installation techniques to infect computers, so you may not be aware of your infection until it’s too late.  It is set to restart with Windows, making permanent removal difficult for many malware removal tools.  As a spyware program, it can log your keyboarding activity and take snapshots of the pages you’re browsing and upload them to a remote server.  It delivers pop-up advertisements based on the information it sends about your browsing habits.

More recent versions of Sysbot (first released on October 4, 2007) have included a Worm function as part of the program.  Worms are typically spread through Instant Messaging programs and Microsoft Outlook and infect entire networks of computers.  They will typically replicate their code until a computer is depleted of RAM, leading to crashes.

Between the spyware and worm capabilities of Sysbot, this program should be considered a high risk to your computer and your network.  The spyware part can collect personal information such as credit card numbers and money account logins, above the typical browsing history.  The worm can lead to the necessity of expensive repairs.

It is highly recommended to use ZookaWare PC Cleaner to remove this program.

Also Known As:


Spyware Type:  Browser Toolbar “Spector”, Worm

Associated Files:

sysbot.exe, sysbot .dll,
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\clsid\ {0B344580-56DA-11D2-B28F-444553540000}

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