System Guard 2009 is Yet Another Scam

Many people don’t have any protection whatsoever from malicious software. Of the people that do have protection from malware, a lot of them have only partial protection for their computers. A computer is an expensive piece of technology and having partial protection isn’t good enough. With rogue security applications like System Guard 2009 out there, you just can’t afford to leave your computer unprotected. You need complete protection if you are going to keep your computer in good working order.

SystemGuard 2009 is a fraudulent security application that tries to swindle people out of their hard earned money. System Guard2009 has two primary means of infecting people’s systems. It can either find its way into a computer through a security exploit like a Trojan horse program, or it can trick people into downloading it through a rogue website.

Usually when System Guard 2009 uses a rogue website, that website is associated with adult oriented websites. When an adult website is visited, System Guard 2009 will redirect the user away from that website to a site that warns the user that it is infect with malicious software. The website then proceeds to perform a fake scan of the computer. The rogue websites are very hard to get away from. The user may need to use Windows Task Manager to close the browser in order to get away.

If you were to fall for the rogue website’s trick and you downloaded the trial version of System Guard 2009, it would be much like System Guard 2009 infecting your system through a Trojan security exploit.

The trial version of System Guard 2009 will also give a fraudulent scan of your computer’s system and give fake results. This will be done as a scare tactic to try to trick you into registering your trial of System Guard 2009. Registration, it is claimed, will allow System Guard 2009 to remove the threats on your computer. But the registered version of System Guard 2009 will do nothing of the sort.

Instead, System Guard 2009 will only download other malicious threats onto your computer. It will cause your computer to slow down and could harm your internet connection as well. In short, System Guard 2009 is a scam and a waste of money. That is why you need to have an authentic antispyware program that offers complete protection. Otherwise, System Guard 2009 could weasel its way into your computer.

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