SystemGuardCenter is a Fake Designed to Con You Out of Money

Fake antispyware is starting to really become a problem now days. SystemGuardCenter seems to be one of the newest and least known about rogue antispyware programs floating around the Internet.

The real danger with SystemGuardCenter is its apparently favorable WebPages. Some of these pages even have major software company logos on them. No matter how many logos scammers put on SystemGuardCenter the fact remains that this program is a fake designed to con people into paying for malware.

As with all rogue antispyware, SystemGuardCenter can cause numerous computer problems that slow down the processer speed and floods the screen with advertizing. Most of the advertising is geared toward get someone to pay for the program, which they say is the only way that someone can fix all of the problems on the computer. The only problem is that SystemGuardCenter caused all of the problems in the first place.

Many people think that their virus protection program will protect their computer from every hazard on the Internet. The thing is that most malware programs, including SystemGuardCenter, are not considered viruses therefore virus protection programs over look them.

There is a fine line between viruses and spyware. The general consensus is that viruses actively damage a computer’s capabilities. Whereas, malware is more of an irritant that just slows a computer down by using resources to provide advertising. SystemGuardCenter rides that fine line.

SystemGuardCenter does not damage a computer, nor does it actively steal information from a computer. All SystemGuardCenter does is scare people into thinking that their computer is full of damaging software and it tries to convince the owner to pay for a program that does nothing.

From a technical sense SystemGuardCenter might just barely qualifies as spyware protection. If it was not for threatening pop-ups and advertising to get you to buy it, the program would just be a poorly designed antispyware application. But SystemGuardCenter does not remove any threat it might detect, plus with all of the attempts to get someone to buy it and all of the other potential exploits that a good hacker can use to excess an infected computer, SystemGuardCenter is just bad news for anyone that has it installed.

We here at Spyzooka would like to help anyone that might have SystemGuardCenter, or any other type of malware, on their computer by offering them real protection. Spyzooka is the only malware removal program on the market that is guaranteed 100%. No other malware removal program offers the complete guarantee like Spyzooka.

The programs here at Spyzooka work daily to make sure anyone that uses our product is protected from things like SystemGuardCenter. We are constantly updating our product to insure that when we give someone a guarantee we can stick to it. That is why most of our competitors will not or cannot offer a guarantee. When you realize that we are willing to stand behind our product 100%, you can be insured that you can trust Spyzooka 100% as well.

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