The Tale of Conducent/Timesink

There has been a storm of adware on the Internet that has affected thousands of computers across the world. Every day hundreds, even thousands, of these computers get some sort of adware infection. Unfortunately, the Internet isn’t the only place that adware lingers– thanks to the makers of Conducent/Timesink.

The makers of Conducent/Timesink adware were pretty smart. Years ago, they were able to partner up with hundreds of software developers with names that are well known to this today. Conducent/Timesink was bundled up with all of those developers’ software so that they could increase their own revenue. This meant bad news for all of the customers of those software developers.

The deal that was struck allowed Conducent/Timesink adware to literally be sold in stores in the disguise of trusted wares. People would go into a store to buy a computer game, walk out with their new software, and later discover a nasty surprise on their computers. Yes. Adware.

Though the game in question may have turned out to be fun for a while, I doubt that the fun would have lasted long thanks to Conducent/Timesink and how much it slows down computers. I seriously doubt that the pop up ads were too much fun either.

The developers of Conducent/Timesink are now out of business, but their monster creation is still roaming about. People can still be infected by Conducent/Timesink’s pesky behavior. Once infected, people have a hard time removing Conducent/Timesink because its creators didn’t think to give it an uninstall feature.

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