TotalDefender May Leave You Totally Defenseless

I realize you probably know that there are many scams on the internet. You also know that people will try to place viruses and other unwanted parasites on your pc. That is exactly what TotalDefender does. It is a fake anti-spyware program that will try to convince you that your computer is infected with all kinds of bad stuff. They do this in hopes that you will download their software to clear up the problem. Downloading it will probably just add to the problem.

Why do they want you to use their product to scan your computer? Once scanned, they will inform you that the threats are so numerous that you need to purchase the full product in order to completely clear up the parasites. If you do this, not only have you wasted your money, but they will more than likely put more malware on your pc. This is a total fake, and I recommend that you stay completely away from it!

Now, if you aren’t sure what spyware is in the first place, let me explain. Spyware is software that gets placed on your computer, usually through other downloads such as freeware, weather, and online computer games. Most people never notice anything unusual until they begin having trouble. Some of the signs that you have problems are a slow computer, changed homepage and tons of irritating pop-up ads. You might also notice that your browser is getting redirected to strange websites. Is this a problem? Absolutely!

Spyware is designed to “spy” on you. I know it sounds strange, but these software programs are designed to find out what you do online. It will track what websites you visit and your searches, in an effort to learn what your interests are. Why? They can then send your information to third parties, who will advertise to you through pop-up and banner ads. These ads are targeted to your interests, which is sometimes their effort to get you to purchase from these ads.

This is why anti-spyware products are available, to clear spyware from your pc. The only problem here is that many are fakes, just like TotalDefender. I do suggest that you use legitimate software, because spyware can not only damage your pc, it can cause a host of problems to you personally as well. Highly threatening software can track information such as passwords and online business accounts such as banking. They can even get information about your credit card! I hope you understand why eliminating spyware is so urgent.

Malicious software like this can really damage your computer. TotalDefender can leave your pc without defense, and can make your operating system totally un-restorable. As soon as you see signs that something is wrong, do something about it. Many legitimate spyware removal products will not work to completely restore the security of your pc and your personal information.

I hope you haven’t had the misfortune of getting conned into using a fake like TotalDefender, but if you have, Spyzooka will remove every trace of threats including viruses, trojans and worms in just one scan. It is the only anti-spyware product that is 100% guaranteed to work!

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