Tradfic Adware: One More Way They Get To Know You

Why is it that advertiser’s think that the best way to convince you that you really need what they have to offer is by forcing you to look at it? Do developers of adware like Tradfic really think that, somehow, my having to click shut a zillion individually-targeted pop ups is going to make me feel friendly enough to throw my hard earned money away on their trashy products?

It’s insulting, really. It’s insulting that programs like Tradfic would invade my privacy, track what I look at, and then initiate a pop-up parade of advertisements for mostly bogus products all over my screen. Are they trying to make me feel secure by showing me how “smart” the computers that have been illicitly gathering data on me are?

It’s even more insulting that someone would think that I am stupid enough to believe that my identity wasn’t in serious jeopardy of theft if I were to blindly enter in all requested personal information, including credit card number, to the dating website that suddenly muscled its way into being my home page.

Oh, did I neglect to mention? Tradfic sends its malevolently gathered data back to its home server by means of also being a BHO or, “browser helper object.” BHOs are neat little programs that, once embedded, have the ability to track your Internet movements, hijack your browser, display dubious search results, and change your home page – as the nicest of possible applications that pushy advertisers have currently dreamed up as the next greatest ploy.

Adding injury to insult, there are so many of these malicious, so-called “businessmen” trying to trick you, monitor you, scam you, and/or steal your identity, that a person could really drive themselves insane constantly trying to detect all the threats and manually remove them. Talk about a waste of valuable time and resources. Good thing there’s programs like Spyzooka. Not only do they guarantee permanent removal of all spyware; they have an adware hunting robot constantly searching for malicious software like Tradfic, so people like us don’t have to.

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