Why Is BHO.ahv Adware Such a Big Problem?

We all get annoyed by unwanted pop-ups and advertisements, but why is BHO.ahv adware such a big problem? Before I discuss why it is such a problem, let me explain what adware is and where it comes from.

Adware gets installed in a number of different ways. Some companies offer free programs (downloads) that come bundled with different types of adware. When you install the free application, you are not only installing adware, but agreeing to have it installed on your computer. You may be thinking that you would never agree to this, but when you click “Yes,” or “I agree to the terms,” you are agreeing to have the application installed and this can include adware.

In other cases, companies kind of trick you into installing adware. Have you ever been surfing on the internet and a Windows error message pops up? (Or what you thought was a Windows error message). Well, when you click the button to fix the alleged problem, you are installing adware onto your computer. Not a nice trick!

Some other forms of spyware are installed without you doing anything. They create pop up advertisements that are relevant to what you are surfing for and when you click on the page, that’s right, you are installing adware.

Adware can also be spread through Emails. Sometimes you don’t even have to click on anything in the message, once it’s displayed the script is executed. Newer versions of Outlook Express and other Email programs have tried to prevent this from happening.

Regardless of how your computer gets infected, if you do nothing, it can track your computer usage and even damage your system’s security. It is for this reason alone you need to keep adware off of your computer. There are tons of manual instructions online where you can remove this adware yourself, but many times you don’t remove it all and the adware returns with a vengeance.

The easiest thing to do is purchase an adware removal program. Be sure to purchase one that removes all of the adware and offers a guarantee. Once you remove the adware, keep your computer updated and make sure that you only download programs from trusted websites. What looks like a great deal, might lead to big problems.

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