Win Defender 2009 – Exactly What Does it Defend?

I watch the goings on of my computer very closely, because I know there are many malicious programs out there that would love to install themselves on my pc. Win Defender 2009 is one of those that I definitely do not want! The name sounds attractive – like something that would be desirable.

Exactly what is Win Defender 2009? It is a rogue anti-spyware program that will trick you in a heartbeat if you let it. This software will display messages to you alerting of viruses, security threats and other dangers. I advise you never to download this software, because it will only add to your troubles. More malware will be added to your pc, which certainly is not what you want.

Are you wondering how you will know if this software is installed on your computer, other than the security alerts it displays? Most malicious software programs will display an extremely annoying amount of pop-up ads, which I hate spending half of my day clicking shut. Since these rogues also eat up a lot of your computer’s resources, you will probably notice that your pc is much slower than normal as well.

More than likely, you will notice that most of the pop-up ads you receive are related to your interests. While this may seem fine, it isn’t. If I want to look for products or information, I will do it myself, because I hate the way this comes about. These malicious programs track what I do online, such as searches I perform and websites I visit. In essence, they “spy” on me.

Other symptoms that are common if your computer is infected are changed homepages and new icons in your system tray. I have noticed that many of these software programs will redirect your browser as well. To put it simply, having your computer infected by spyware and other fakes is highly irritating, and can be very dangerous. Dangerous how? Some are so threatening that they can cause your computer to crash. They can also get hold of online business information and passwords that you really don’t want to share – at least I don’t.

I can’t tell you exactly where you may have picked up malicious software like Win Defender 2009, but I can tell you some of the more common ways this happens. Frequently, people download freeware, online computer games, weather, and messenger programs. This is where many of these infections start, although it can happen when you visit an undesirable website. You have to be very cautious when you are online, because there are many vicious people out there that love causing trouble.

The answer lies in getting a legitimate anti-spyware program to scan your pc. Once scanned, a reliable product will remove all traces of the threats and viruses that are on your computer, and restore your security. If the product works as it should, it will prevent these problems from happening again. Spyzooka is one such program, and is the only one that is 100% guaranteed to work. Spyzooka will get rid of Win Defender 2009 within 24 hours, I promise you.

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