Win32.IpxCtrl falls under the category of backdoor Trojan.  Win32.IpxCtrl has the ability to enter your system under false pretenses.  Often distributed via e-mail, Win32.IpxCtrl will try and disguise itself as another program.  Once you have opened the attachment your computer has become infected.  This pest will then add insult to injury by leaving a “backdoor” open in order for another attacker to enter.  Once this new attacker has entered, it has the ability to run applications, change or delete files and can even capture keystrokes.  Your confidential information is at risk.

Recommended Action:
Remove at Once

IpxCtrl Backdoor

Removal Instructions:
To remove Win32.IpxCtrl manually, you will need to halt all running processes and then delete any files related to the program.

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  1. Abby Coleman says:

    SpyZooka does a great job of keeping spyware from infesting a clean system.

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