Created in France in June of 2000, Win32.Opwin is a backdoor Trojan that will attempt to enter through ports 10000, 10005 TCP.  Its author is Ish and belongs to the Evil Eye Software group.  Win32.Opwin also comes equipped with RAT – Remote Access Technology – making it possible for additional malware to enter without knowledge or consent.  This new intruder will be able to do perform all manner of mischief on your machine.  He will be able to add or delete files, run applications, send e-mails and steal passwords and logins.

Win32/Opwin.11.Edit trojan

Related Files:
backdoor.opwin.11.exe, opwinclient.exe, serveur.exe,

Recommended Action:
Remove at once.

To remove Win32.Opwin, you must stop the following processes: backdoor.opwin.11.exe, opwinclient.exe, serveur.exe.

Then you need to remove the following files: backdoor.opwin.11.exe, opwinclient.exe, serveur.exe,

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