XLG Security Center Should Not Be Trusted

The XLG Security Center is not protecting you, it is infecting you. This program is infecting your computer through pretending to battle malware (malicious software) for you when, in fact, it is busy downloading the malware to your hard drive. Plus, you are paying for this invasion of your computer. Could it get any worse? Yes, because once this is all said and done, the malware may be lifting your personal information to steal your bank account or ultimately your identity.

You cannot afford to be scammed into a program that will not help, but will harm. The website, www.xlgsecuritycenter.com, is a replica of the site www.xlguarder.com. Both are hazardous to your computer safety. In using Trojan horses, which prompt pop ups that question the presence of malware on your computer. In lieu of skepticism, most internet surfers will click the ad to run a free scan of their system to check for these viruses. This scan is fabricated to make you believe that you already have malware on your computer. The program will then ask you to purchase the full program in order to get rid of the malware. However, your computer is already being infected and your purchase has made it worse and donated money to the enemy.

The biggest problem here is your security of personal information. These programs are able to spy on your information and extract what they need to scam you. Most of these malware programs are created to play off of existing companies websites in order to convince you that they are not the destructive programs that you are avoiding like the plague. According to Brian Krebs on computer security on Washington Posts website, the unfortunate reality of today’s threats is that they rely not on software vulnerabilities but mainly on tricking people into installing software, (Washingtonpost.com). Subsequently, if you can keep updated on these rogue antispyware programs you will know who to trust.

Sites like xlgsecuritycenter.com want you to think of them as a secure place, where you will be able to avoid the scamming of malware. But obviously this kind of trickery is commonplace now. With our willingness and eagerness to zip through the internet and experience everything it has to offer, we have a great deal of vulnerability to these programs when we haven’t done our homework first. However, there is something that you can do to rectify the situation. It can be undone. But, you have to know who to trust. A lot of these programs are changing all of the time and there is little information available on them. So, you need an expert on these programs to assist you.

Spyzooka is a site that can get rid of these dangerous malware programs. Their 100% guarantee is no scam. Do your research; they are working around the clock to get rid of these problems. While some companies are taking advantage of your fears, Spyzooka looks to end the destructive consequences of these sites.

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