XP-PoliceAntivirus is Just Another Rogue Anti-Spyware

If you have ever had spyware on your pc, I’m sure you are aware there are many fake anti-spyware programs out there like XP-PoliceAntivirus. It is really difficult to tell that these programs are not the real thing, but I can assure you that you don’t want to download them if it can be avoided.

XP-PoliceAntivirus will supposedly rid your computer of viruses and other threats. It will display alerts warning you that your pc is infected with all sorts of parasites and security threats. Once you take them up on their offer to download the program it will, of course, not be able to clear up the parasites because they are so numerous (which usually isn’t true at all). According to them, you must purchase the licensed product to restore security to your computer. I can assure you that this is a ploy to take your money, pure and simple.

What exactly is spyware to begin with? It is software that gets placed on your computer to track your online activities. Although you usually don’t download it intentionally, it often comes with other programs you download such as weather and freeware. Unless you read all of the fine print, you won’t know that you are also downloading spyware. The severity of these programs varies from mild to highly threatening. Whatever the case, you don’t want it.

Why does spyware track your online habits? In order to display pop-up ads and spam emails advertising products or services you may be interested in. Since it keeps track of the searches you perform and the websites you visit, it knows what you are looking for. This software sends the information back to the server or another third party so that they can send you relevant ads.

Occasionally these software programs will gain access to your passwords and other online business information. It can also send out emails that appear to be from you. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want spam emails going out to my email address list that aren’t from me. Spyware can be very dangerous stuff – it can cause your computer to slow drastically, and even crash in some cases. Your personal identity may also be at risk.

If you begin noticing pop-up ads, a slow computer or your browser redirecting, take action. More than likely your pc is infected with spyware and it needs to be removed. There are some legitimate anti-spyware programs out there, but XP-PoliceAntivirus isn’t one of them. Avoid this software like the plague! Actually, don’t download any software that displays advertising to you through pop-ups or banners. Doing so can add additional malware to your computer.

A reputable anti-spyware product will scan your pc for viruses, worms, trojans and other threats. It will then remove them in order to restore your security. However, most don’t work in one scan. Spyzooka does, and it’s guaranteed. I can honestly tell you Spyzooka is the only anti-spyware that guarantees to remove 100% of the parasites, once and for all.

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